Axway Amplify Open Banking

Open banking solution brief

Banking is changing 

Amplify Open Banking provides a way to drastically accelerate open banking adoption. All over the globe, demand for digital experiences, competition from technology firms, and rising regulatory pressures are forcing banks to rethink existing business models.  

With a top-notch developer experience, APIs built to open banking standards, and a robust API management platform under the hood, Amplify Open Banking enables banks to move beyond regulatory compliance to a true open banking platform.

Why Amplify Open Banking?

We’ve been helping banks solve their biggest challenges for over 20 years. That’s why 60% of the top 25 global banks trust Axway. Our Open Banking solution speeds the adoption of regulatory standards while enabling financial institutions to rapidly extend into new markets with customer-driven products and services and expand their ecosystem with a compelling developer portal experience.

Amplify Open Banking enables financial institutions to accelerate the creation of new banking business models by enriching and personalizing customer interactions. The solution includes an intuitive developer experience, integrated consent management, and pre-built APIs to open banking standards, all built on the Amplify API Management Platform. Amplify Open Banking allows banks to focus on what they do best — helping their customers manage their money.

As open banking drives banks to expose their capabilities as APIs, they naturally move toward becoming platforms. This puts each bank at the center of its own ecosystem, as it aims to drive platform adoption on all sides of the value chain.

Open Everything

For Axway, open banking is just the beginning. The adoption of open banking standards lays the foundation for the exchange mechanisms that will power trade in the 21st century. Open banking will lead to open telecom, open healthcare and, eventually, a world of cross-industry open platforms that we call Open Everything.

Let’s take that journey together.

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